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4 Weeks Fitness Consultation| 1-to-1

1-to-1 Virtual Fitness Consultation & Meal Planning Program

  • 1 h
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Service Description

Introducing my 4 weeks Personal Consultation program for fitness enthusiasts who are looking to, 🔥Burn Stubborn Fat/ Gain Weight 💪🏼Build body Strength 🧍🏻Tone overall body 🏃🏻‍♂️Get into the habit of an Active Lifestyle 🤸🏽I work on a Personalised Fitness plan to meet specific goal(s) via tailor made workouts with (dumbbells/ barbell) or without equipment. 🥘Beyond just losing weight or getting in shape, you will get guidance for healthy meal planning, boosting energy levels & improving overall fitness. 🌟Workout Routines INCLUDED (Strength & Conditioning, Cardio, HIIT, Core) This plan includes the following features: - ✅ Detailed physical assessment & goal builder session (at the beginning) ✅ Fortnightly customised Day-wise workout charts to meet your fitness goal(s) [Along with help videos] ✅ Guidance on a healthy meal planning that complements your fitness journey [Fat loss or Weight Gain] ✅ Fortnightly progress check-ins and feedback (Sundays only) ✅ Unlimited Direct Whatsapp support ✅Keeping you accountable & motivated throughout your fitness journey. Who is it for? Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced Professionals

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