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Mobility & Stretching Program | 1-to-1 Coaching

  • 14Days


Getting in shape isn’t just about lifting weights in the gym. For starters, how fit are you really if you can bench press an impressive 150 lbs but can’t even touch your toes? Features of this program includes, ✅Improve Joint Mobility & Stability via Isolation exercises ✅Extended Full Body Stretching from head to toe to improve balance & flexibility ✅Posture correction & improving range of motion for your workouts ✅Aid faster post workout recovery & learn to build a stronger body ✅This program is designed for beginners, athletes, dancers to keep their joints and bones supple, active and strong. ✅ Program price may vary depending upon current offers & promo discounts 🎁 FREE BONUS: Access to all my weekly LIVE Group Workout Bootcamps for next 30 Days ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In case of program inquires or to know about best offers & deals, reach out to Coach AJ @ +91-9818427633 ( Whatsapp only)

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